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If panoramic views of mountains, mesmerizing sunrises, starlit clear skies, chatting and singing around a bonfire in chilly evenings, walking in snow,  are some of the things that give you a high, our trips are made for you!

Outdoers is a boutique eco-tourism outfit that curates trails and camping options across the sub-continent. While some of them are popular treks, many of them are suited for groups comprising newbie trekkers or groups with young children. As part of family treks, we throw in a wee bit of learning about local flora and fauna, star gazing, bird-watching etc., and add a wee bit of adventure activities such as white-water rafting or valley crossing to craft those perfect family vacations.

So go ahead, explore, see what catches your fancy and get back to us!

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Unique Buddhist Culture

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Himalayan Vistas

Mehgalaya, the land of superlatives, beckons – you can discover on this trek in this tiny north-eastern state, the tallest single-drop waterfall in India, the two rainiest places in the world, the cleanest village in Asia, the longest cave system in India and so on.

The Cleanest Village in Asia

Picture-perfect Sunrises

Adorable Khasis

Awe-inspiring Bio-Engineering Marvels

Trek the unexplored Goa! Stay at an idyllic, comfortable village homestay in the Western Ghats. Be pampered by host tribal family! Trek to nearby view points and marvelous waterfalls. Spend a day at a pristine beach place in or around Goa.

Idyllic Village Homestay Experience

Offbeat Beach Places

Unique Temple Architecture

Undiscovered Waterfalls

Nestled in the lesser Himalayan region of Kumaon, Binsar sanctuary is a haven for nature lovers. This trek through Binsar is an ideal beginners’ low-altitude trek. It is simple enough and amply rewarding with idyllic homestays, commanding views of the Kumaon Himalayas, rhododendron and pine forests, an intriguing cluster of temples and so on. 

Breathtaking Views of Himalayas

Idyllic village homestay experience

Village Walks

Archaeological Marvels

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