Har-ki-doon translates to ‘Valley of Gods’, and the valley of Gods it is!

Har-ki-doon valley is situated in Govind Pashu National Park in the upper reaches of Garhwal Himalayas. The area was declared a national park in 1955 in order to protect wildlife such as the elusive snow leopard, brown bear, flying squirrel and a variety of birds.

River Supin keeps one company all along the trek, gurgling and meandering through the valley. Unlike on most trekking routes in the Himalayas, the picturesque campsites next to the river are expansive.The wide valley offers great views of towering snow-clad peaks. The meadows at Har-ki-doon are a sight to behold just after the monsoons, with acres and acres of wild flower blooms. Swargarohini (6252m) is the most impressive peak visible from Har-ki-doon while Bandarpoonch, Kalanag and innumerable other 5000m+ peaks can also be seen.

Those wanting a tougher hike in the mountains can do the one-day trek from Har-ki-doon to Jaundar glacier and back.

Difficulty Level: TYL!


Season: April through May, September through December


   Trip Duration:
7 days/6 nights (Dehradun to Dehradun)

    Trek Duration: 6 days


Max Elevation: 3550m


Region: Uttarkashi Dist, Garhwal region of Uttarakhand


Costing: Adults - Rs. 19000, Children below 12 years - Rs. 16000

Day Start Finish Description
Day 1 Dehradun Mori After breakfast set off to Mori. Stay the night at a beautiful campsite by river Tons
Day 2 Mori Pauni Garat About a 2-hour drive to Taluka (2100m) on a bumpy road. Then a 4 hour trek to Pauni Garat (2600m), 3 km before Seema.
Day 3 Pauni Garat Kalkatti Dhar Trek to Seema, cross bridge and trek along right bank of river Supin, up to Kalkatti Dhar (3200m). 4 hours
Day 4 Kalkatti Dhar Har-ki- doon Easy 3-hour trek to Hari-ki- doon. Short exploratory treks in the afternoon
Day 5 Har-ki- doon   Optional trek to Jaundar glacier or Maninda lake
Day 6 Har-ki- doon Pauni Garat As the the trail is mostly downhill it is possible to cover this distance in about 6 hours though it took 2 days on the way up.
Day 7 Pauni Garat Mori Retrace the path back to Taluka and drive back to Sankri and there onwards to Dehradun