Upcoming Fixed-departure Trek: 5th to 9th May 2019


Nestled in the lower Himalayan region of Kumaon, this pristine forest sanctuary is a haven for nature lovers. The panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks, the bio-diversity of the place, the local culture and history of the place are sure to enthrall you. What's more – the place is easily accessible. Binsar is about 31 km away from the nearest town, Almora. The trek begins at Binsar TRH and we will wind our way through to Jageshwar, making stops at Gaunap, Dhaulchhina and Shaukyathal villages en route. You will stay in idyllic home-stays at Gaunap and Shaukyathal which gives you an opportunity to get a taste of the local culture and an opportunity to mingle with the Kumaoni village folk.


Difficulty Level Easy
Season All year except mid-June to mid-Sep
Duration Trip Duration: 5 days/4 nights
Trek Duration: 5 days
Max Elevation 2400m (Binsar TRH)
Region Binsar, Almora Dist, Uttarakhand
Costing Adults: Rs. 15,500

Children under 12 yrs : Rs. 12500

Day Start Finish Description
Day 1 Kathgodam Binsar After breakfast, drive to Binsar TRH. It should take about 5 hours to reach the destination
Day 1 Binsar Gaunap village Gentle 3 Km downhill trek to Idyllic Haven, Gaunap. Tea and dinner. Evening – bonfire
Day 2 Gaunap   Village tour, temple visit in the morning to catch the sunrise. Some birdwatching and other activities. In the afternoon, a nature walk and (if it's the season) get your hands dirty helping the village folk in their organic farmlands. Evening – bonfire
Day 3 Gaunap Dhaulchhina 8.5 km trek to Dhaulchhina. Trail passes through beautiful patches of mixed forests and pine forests. Stay at a guesthouse with a beautiful view of the Siwalik ranges. Towards evening, trek to Anandmayee ashram, a serene place which is also a wonderful view point and a good place for birdwatching
Day 4 Dhaulchhina Shaukyathal Easy 9 km trek on an almost-flat trail to Shaukyathal near Vriddh Jageshwar. The trail mostly passes through a pine forest, except the last half hour where it's through a lovely broad-leaf forest. In the evening trek to Chandidhar view point from which one can see all the places covered in this trek
Day 5 Shaukyathal Jageshwar After breakfast, a trek to Vridh Jageshwar temple, 1.5 km along a metal road. Then a gentle 3km downhill trek through a pine forest. Those interested can visit Jageshwar – an interesting cluster of temples of archaeological and religious significance.
Day 5 Jageshwar Kathgodam Long 6 hour drive to Kathgodam, from where it's time to say goodbye and catch a train or bus back to Delhi and onward to your city