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Awe-inspiring bio-engineering of living roots bridges and machans, stunning vistas and waterfalls, alluring bio-diversity, adventure, warm people and their unique culture and more. Meghalaya, the land of superlatives, beckons - you can find in this tiny North-Eastern state, the tallest single-drop waterfall in India, the two rainiest places in the world, the cleanest village in Asia, the longest cave system in India and so on.


In this meticulously curated trip one gets to see a few popular sights, trek through quaint, off-beat locations and also indulge in some adventure activities. Our trip starts with a visit to the Pynursla region which is home to some of the best living-root bridges in Meghalaya. During the two days we spend in this region, we shall trek through idyllic villages , cross several living roots bridges and trek to Shnongpdeng, a picture-postcard village by the crystal-clear waters of river Umgnot.


The next region that we cover is Cherrapunjee. We spend some time in the Nongriat area which is home to one of the two double-decker living roots bridge in Meghalaya (and the world!). We trek through lovely tropical evergreen rainforests of this area to visit a couple of amazing waterfalls.


Lastly we shall visit Pobitora wildlife sanctuary near Guwahati which is home to a large population of the endangered one-horned rhino. An early morning safari gives you an opportunity to sight not only rhinos but a variety of birds.

Difficulty Level: Medium


Season: mid-September to April



   Trip Duration: 8 days/7 nights (Guwahati to Guwahati)

   Trek Duration: 6 days


Max Elevation: 1300 m


Region: Khasi Hills, Meghalaya


Costing: Rs. 34000 per person including tax (for a group of 8 to 15)
Children below 12 yrs: Rs. 29000

Day Start Finish Description
Day 1 Your city Guwahati-Langkawet Reach Guwahati before noon. Drive to Langkawet (5 hours).
Day 2 Langkawet Mawkyrnot – Langkawet After breakfast, set off to Mawkyrnot, a village about 30 min away from Langkawet. Explore some of the amazing root bridges there, including the longest one in the world. After a typical, simple lunch near Pynursla, set off for Byrdaw, an amazing waterfall in a quiet spot near Pomshutia village. Return to Langkawet at around 6 pm.
Day 3 Langkawet Shnongpdeng – Langkawet Drive to Wahkadait and reach by 10 am. Trek down to Shnongpdeng (about 3 hours). Have lunch at Shnongpdeng and relax by the crystal clear waters of Umgnot river. Indulge in some boating or adventure activities. Return to Langkawet at around 6 pm.
Day 4 Langkawet Nongriat Set off to Cherrapunjee after breakfast. Drive to Tyrna, a village that's about 15 km beyond Cherrapunjee. Descend down a seemingly endless staircase of 3500+ steps to reach Tyrna. In the afternoon, those interested can trek to Rainbow waterfalls and back (3 hours)
Day 5 Nongriat Cherrapunjee Today's hike involes a steep climb to Nohkalikai through a beautiful, diverse evergreen tropical rainforest. Optionally one can retrace the route to Tyrna and drive down to Nohkalikai from there. After a sumptuous lunch, check into a resort in Cherrapunjee. At around 4 pm, visit the Mawsmai cave system to get a feel of the stunning cave systems in Meghalaya
Day 6 Cherrapunjee   Hike to a couple of unexplored waterfalls near Cherrapunjee
Day 7 Cherrapunjee Pobitora Check out around 10 am and drive to Pobitora, a lovely wildlife sanctuary near Guwahati. The drive should take around 6 hours, including a stop for lunch on the way. The evening's program includes a cruise in river Brahmaputra and a visit to a serene river island.
Day 8 Pobitora   Go on an elephant safari in the morning. You can spot scores of rhinos, apart from wild buffaloes and scores of birds. Also learn about the conservation efforts in Pobitora and neighbouring villages. Check-out after breakfast and drive to Guwahati airport (2.5 hours) and catch a flight to your city.